As Nema Basim we give boxes, labels, catalogues, businesscards, leaflets, brochures, transparent businesscards, flyers, magazine printings, offset printings, special businesscards, banner printings, poster printings, promotional diaries, promotional notebooks, promotional calenders, notebook promotions, packing, pocket folders, covered folders, letterheads, display books, folding businesscards, pillboxes, wedding cards, invitation cards, wine labels, soda labels, cigarette banderol labels, karper cheese lables, fruit juice lables, beer lables, paint labels, chemical labels, notepads, writing pads, wall calendars, desk calendars, american services, menu, paper bag, kraft bag, box, label, catalogue, businesscard, leaflet, brochure, transparent businesscard, flyer, magazine printing, offset printing, special businesscard, banner printing, poster printing, promotional diary, promotional notebook, promotional calender, notebook promotion, packings, pocket folder, covered folder, letterhead, display book, folding businesscard, pillbox, wedding card, invitation card, wine label, soda label printing services... Nema Basim targets to be a solution partner to our customers by combining our 20 year graphic and printing experiences with high technologies and to be a reliable solution partner that always earns our customers. To produce complying with national and international standards within the legal framework In the frame of customer satisfaction principle, to meet customer demands and needs on expectation; Honest, respectful, innovative, courageous acting, quality, correct, timely and professional service without compromising our principles; To make the team work with cooperation and to work efficiently; To continuously improve the overall performance of Nema Printing; To bring the information exchange to the top by establishing mutual benefit based relationships with suppliers; To increase efficiency and productivity of the system through process approach; To leave a clean and livable environment for future generations; All in all our company targets to have all staff be proud of the company being a leader in quality by improving continuously quality, competitive power and profitability.

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